Monday, September 1, 2014


It's September! Time for a new look in the reading corner.

This month I used a print of my original American flag painting as inspiration.
See the original HERE.

I love the way the print came out, and I'm actually having more made so that I can put them into my up-coming art shop. Stay-tuned.

I also grabbed that cool Cynthia Rowley pillow that I had purchased, while shopping several months ago, but not found a place for…until now. I like the way the bright colors I added to the flag are also swirled into the design of this fun pillow.

And then, I layered my inspired 'SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS' blue eagle art into the scene, and also threw in my blue table and lamp. Suddenly, September's reading corner was complete. 

And, what book will I recommend today? Well, I chose a book that I read a very long time ago, but I think everyone should read it at least once. 

Changing your words will change your life! 
That's a quote from me, but that's what this "Me and My Big Mouth" book is about.

As I was walking through the park with a friend, I hadn't seen in a very long time, I noticed how negative her words were  …about herself, her life, etc… Words like…"I can't, or I'll never"  etc… 
I remembered how this book had made me very aware of changing my words…I gave her my copy…so I guess you'll have to go buy your own.

FYI…You can see the August reading corner HERE.

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