Friday, October 24, 2014



This week, on one of my usual design adventures, I happened upon the beautiful and very eclectic BRENDAN BASS SHOWROOM.

The lighting!… And, all those very unexpected pieces mixed in with the lovely….a bit more expected (sofa, chair etc…) items. Intriguing.

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I was going to like this place. 
Before I could even wonder about a piece, Brendan Bass was standing next to me…telling me a fascinating story about how he repurposed each unique item that he obtained while in France…or some other faraway place.

Suddenly, each eclectic piece of furniture had a great story, and of course became way more interesting.

Aha! No more yelling at the kids when they want to scratch their names into the furniture…which has never actually happened in my home…they wouldn't dare. But…if it does happen in your house…Hey, now you have a piece of furniture with some valuable character.


Like this beautiful reclaimed wood mirror. 
Look how amazing this lovely traditional style upholstered chair works with the reclaimed/repurposed pieces of furniture. Love it!

It was pretty clear to me that Brendan Bass can turn pretty much anything into a functional piece of furniture. 
How do I know that?

Need I say more? 
I guess this is the literal definition of turning "trash to treasure".

I don't know if I mentioned it enough times in past posts, but I like big stuff. Oversized. Like that giant sized bowl on this reclaimed wood table.

And, speaking of bowls…here's an idea for all those corks you've been collecting. I'm not exactly sure where you can get a giant chunk of faux cheese, but you might try Wisconsin. 

Now I wish I would have picked up some of those big colored chunks of glass that I saw in all those gem shops while we briefly lived in North Carolina.

By the way, there was also some inspiring art hanging in the Brendan Bass showroom. This was my favorite.

I love this credenza. I'm actually working on a piece very much like this for my front foyer.

Your outside can look just as cool as the inside. Especially if you add a few great pieces like these.

It's different. It's inspiring. It's chic.

If you get a chance, I suggest you put this place on your list to check out.


  1. Wow! Great Pictures, Keep on Inspiring around the design and art world!

    1. Thank you :) As I keep getting inspired, I'll definitely keep on sharing.