Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I scrolled through 3000+ photos, that I've taken since the birth of this blog in January, I noticed that there were a few random, and yet interesting, pics that I hadn't used in any post yet. 

Like this crazy 4' x 4' Mona Lisa art that I discovered 
in a local thrift shop. It made me laugh, and for a brief moment I did consider buying it, but alas…I had no place to actually put it.

Sometimes I take a picture of an accidental good idea. Accidental, because it wasn't an actual idea or plan. Like these two half circle tables that were placed  up against each other. They weren't meant to be sold together, but I think they work interestingly well as one odd table. I say…It's a work of art.

And yesterday, oddly enough, just after I dropped off two of our favorite cable knit throws at a knitting shop for repair, I briefly stopped in at the Dallas Galleria and found these interesting… knit-heads?
They were in the H&M window display.

All they have to do is spray them orange, add a stem with a leaf on top, and then they'll be ready for the pumpkin season.

I end todays random musings post with a story. 

It seems that just after I added my 'About Me' page, where I happened to mention that I'm a bit of a story teller, I stopped telling stories. I'm not sure why, but I apologize to those who've missed my stories.  I will now resume adding stories to my posts. And so, I  also now apologize to those who didn't miss those stories.

 I discovered that I was a story teller because a friend, who wouldn't stop laughing at me, happily pointed it out. 
It happened one morning, many years ago, when a co-worker (my friend) asked me what color lipstick I was wearing. So, I told her all the details about how I woke up exhausted that morning, and I told her all about the many specifics on how I chose what to wear that day, and I may have even told her about what I had for breakfast etc… I had to explain about how I was really wearing two different colors instead of just one, but instead of just saying that, I spent 20 minutes explaining the how and why before I actually got to the whatWhen I finally finished talking, she began to laugh and laugh and then simply said, all I asked you was, "What color lipstick?"

That was the embarrassing moment when I discovered that I often tell a bit of a story instead of just giving a brief answer.

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