Thursday, October 9, 2014


Once again, I've been inspired to create. 

This time, I painted a colorful horse. 

Everywhere I go, I see beautiful, amazing, and always inspiring, horses. So finally I decided that it was time to stop horsing around and use all that inspiration to create something. 

It began with a simple doodle.

Well, actually it began with a sign in the clouds…

Can you see it?

I told you…I see horses everywhere I go.

Anyway, after I saw the horse running through the sky, and drew my doodle…

I began to layer my canvas with color.

And then…yes… more color of course, because I'm such a colorful kind of gal.

Once I was pleased with my background, I added my inspiration.

There's something very cool and mysterious about horses. I live in a neighborhood filled with homes, but just through the park, and around the corner, there's a small field with 5 beautiful horses. Sometimes they even ride them through the park, which is usually pretty great to see…unless… they forget to bring their giant pooper-scoopers. Seriously, we have 'pick up after your dog' signs in the park…do they not think we're going to know who left the giant sized…you know what I mean.

Back to my painting….

Tada! My inspired horse. I shall call it…



  1. That is very cool! What did you use to scrape it? ~Holly

    1. What?…Now you want me to give away all my secret methods? :-) The truth is, I use what ever is handy. Sometimes an actual scraping device, but this time I used a paint mixing stick.