Thursday, October 16, 2014


Great design at great prices. Ya gotta love a place like that.

I made a quick stop at Target last night. Well, it was supposed to be a quick stop. I soon realized that I can't leave that place without checking to see what's new in the home furnishings, table top, and stationary/gift wrap etc… aisles.

By the way, this is no ad. I don't do any sponsored posts. I just write about what inspires me…and I happen to be inspired by target.
I'm wondering why the other super-sized discount stores haven't figured out how to do what target does.

I never know when I might find that…'something' that I just have to have. I  snagged me a set of these great Missoni bowls a year or so ago. If I must shop in a big discount retailer…this is the one. 

My sister once had a friend who told her that if she won the big lottery, she would spend it all at W …that other…not so stylish super-store. Oy! I'm not crazy like that. I'm just saying…

I think it's smart to keep your eyes open when you visit Target because their design is right on target. So to you…the brilliant guy or gal who decided to put the style into a discount retailer… Right o…on!  Target. 

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