Monday, October 27, 2014


Along my many design adventures, I find some items that are just a bit different enough to make me say, "That's kind of cool."

Like this large rope framed convex mirror. My husband knows all to well, that when I say, "That's kind of cool"…I often mean that I can imagine that item somewhere in my home…and he better hide the credit card.

I don't know about you, but I'm lovin' this crazy lamp. 

Do you think it would look weird next to George?
(If you don't already know…George is a portrait painting that I inherited.)

But, if you don't like that…I found something just a bit more corny.


While we're still on the lamp subject…

Sometimes, you might even find an interesting lamp in the antique mall. If you block all the surrounding stuff out … this lamp is "kind of cool" and would look quite chic in just the right setting.

I found these lovely birds in a high end Dallas showroom.  I'm not sure if they light up, but it looked like there was some wire running through the chain. A few sets of these lighted and hanging over a bed could be very cool….  Or possibly creepy if you're afraid of birds.

At WISTERIA I spotted these clever rock ducks, and this wooden-shoe-mold wall which is an inspiring way to both display a collection and have an unusual art wall. 

Remember those out door pics from the Brendan Bass showroom that I posted a few days back? (Here) Well, this is just the cool kind of vase that would look great in that setting. 

Check out this wallpaper found at the IDCollection in Dallas. The wall was first painted a color and then this hand-made-paper wallpaper was added over it. That's kind of cool. 

Ahhh! The brass apples with lips. I was thinking of saving this photo for a …'Objects With Lips' post, but how often are you actually going to find objects with lips.

Okay, maybe a couple of times.


  1. I love the concave rope lamp AND I think you could make one. I bet George would think the legs on that crazy lamp to be quite fetching.

    1. Yes, convex mirror project has been on my to do list for a long time…maybe now that the sphere chandelier is complete, I'll actually get to it. Lol…About George and the legs.