Wednesday, November 5, 2014


About to get working on yet another masterpiece. 
But first, I must get some colorful inspiration.

Found this very colorful piece, by an unknown artist, in a funky design shop in Dallas. All that color makes me happy.

Have you ever noticed how Neiman Marcus displays a lot of spiffy (sorry…trying to add some new words into my usual vocab.) art in their stores.
The one above is by Jane Helsander, titled Oscillation 

This one, Murano Light by Julie Lazarus, had me so inspired several years back (about 14 years ago) that I actually went home and painted my own version of it. It turned out so good…that now we keep it hidden safely stored in the garage.

Sometimes I like to look very close…

So that I can check out the details…the technique the artist uses. 

This one is very large. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the chaise and the lamp are both big oversized pieces. 

Do you think the artist wore a beret and held a very large palette full of thick globs of colorful paint while working this canvas? Looks like it was a fun piece to create.

This artist used 2 big canvases to make one oversized masterpiece. Good idea…that way you don't have to rent a truck every time you want to move it.

Simple, but makes a bold statement.

Okay, I'm inspired. Time to get creating.

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