Monday, November 10, 2014


Details are always important…  Well mostly always.

These brass details … definitely are important. It's the brass details on these pieces that take them from pretty-nice to pretty-great. Ok, so we all know that brass is back in a big way… please just don't tell me that mauve is coming back.

Even though they managed to make it look pretty good in this office space. 
But, let's talk about another interesting detail. 
That wall.

It's wallpaper…believe it or not. 
Wallpaper! …also making a huge comeback. Check out the amazing textural detail on this particular paper. It actually looks and feels like wood.

And speaking of wood… These resin and wood tables are pretty cool. I wouldn't suggest trying to create one on your own, but….

 I did see this great piece. 
It looked like an old library item…until I opened a drawer. What a great idea for an old boring piece of furniture. Just add some casters, some squares of wood (this works because the wood has some great rough textural grain) and the hardware detail to give it that authentic look.

Nailheads! A detail that always adds a bit of extra texture and style to an item.

My favorite find was this great stool.
By the way, if you happen to see something you must have…I photographed all theses great details at IBB Design in Frisco Tx.

Anyone who knows me…or has been in my home, knows that pillows are definitely an important detail.

Wow! Now that's a lot of bright color. 
It's a good example of how you can take a gray sofa and bookcase…change a few details…and "sha-bam!" (as my younger son likes to say), you now have a new look.

And, speaking of bookshelves, I've noticed a lot of covered book details lately. It may make it harder to locate a specific book, but it looks pretty.

I've always liked the…using more than one fabric on a chair detail…like the chair on the right, but this blue leather chair with the intentional unfinished back is pretty interesting too. 

What do you think?

 Just a bit of animal print detail is also inspiring.  These great ottomans above and those great stools below are just right.

Like I said, details are important… 
…that's unless of course you're very tired and your significant other insists on telling you all…and I mean all… the details of a particular subject before getting to the point during what seems to be the longest conversation ever. 

Just an example.

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