Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I'm always inspired 
by the overwhelming amount of inspiration that can be found on Pinterest.
I love seeing a mix of creative, colorful, motivational stuff on one page.

I'm a conservative pinner. And I'm clearly not talking about politics. 
My point is that I don't pin just anything or everything that I happen to like. 
I only pin what I know I want to look at more than once. 

Pictures of things that inspire me to do something. 
You know, like—re-decorate a room, create an art masterpiece or write something interesting.

If you have taken any time to check out my Pinterest page, 
you can quickly get a picture of my style. And you might also conclude, by my lack of food pins, that I probably don't cook a lot. You would be correct about that.

Not because I don't want to—okay, a little bit because I don't want to, but mostly because when I dare to create a masterful meal from a great recipe I find, my family asks... 

While I might not be a chef, I can whip-up a great decorative pillow. 
It must have a down or feather fill though. If I can't fluff it or give it the ole karate chop—it cannot live in my house.

The problem with an abundant source of inspiration, is that you need 
more than one house to decorate.  

Gotta love a great mirror!

Soon it will be time to re-decorate my office space. There are so many great ideas.
What will I do?

 I'm inspired by an abundance of inspiration.

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