Thursday, July 7, 2016


Do it NOW! 
I've learned that these 3 simple words can have a great impact on my life. 
I would love to say that I thought them up on my own, but alas—I didn't.

 "Ugh!" I said as I passed by the filled, but clean dishwasher, "I'll just do that later." 
And then, I heard a voice. 
No, it wasn't God. It came from the couch. Well, not really "the couch" but from my husband sitting on the couch. 


"Do it now" he said. 
Before I could even get out a response—which probably would have been something like...,
"WHAT!? You do it now!"
He began to tell me about how he heard (on a podcast) a motivational speaker say that she heard from another motivational speaker, who heard it from yet another speaker, that 
"DO IT NOW" was W. Clement Stone's first commandment of success. 

So, after my husband shared all the details of the wisdom of those 3 words, 
I couldn't get those words out of my head.

While I already had a "do it now" mindset in some areas, 
like—how I always make my bed in the morning,

Suddenly, I couldn't seem to get away with anything else. 

At first, it was annoying—like when my mother used to say, "clean your room" 
or "eat your vegetables" (actually that one she still says). 
But then, I started to realize how much I was accomplishing in a day. 
All because of those words that wouldn't seem to leave my head.

From the simple things, such as replacing a roll of toilet paper—at 3:,00 a.m. (it's probably not good to drink that iced tea so late), to a few more complicated things—like writing another chapter of that new book I'm determined to complete.


But, don't get crazy. 
I mean, if you accidentally cut off a finger, but you see a load of unwashed laundry
 as you're running out to the emergency room,....

But on the other hand, if...

A friend is meeting you at the gym in 5 minutes, because you don't like to go to the gym by yourself, because if you do—you may convince yourself that you can get in 1 hour's worth of workout in just 10 minutes. 

Anyway, if that friend needs to borrow one of your blow-up mattresses for her vacation,
 that you have more than one of by-the-way, because you have boys—
the kind of boys which constantly ask you to allow their friends to sleep over, and even though you first say, "NO WAY!" to those boys, because you know you won't get in any sleep that night, still you somehow end up giving in.

Wait—where was I? 

Oh yes, bag of bags.
So, you grab that bag full of bags from the linen closet, because you need one to put the blow-up mattress into. 
But then, they're all over the floor. You now have a small mess, but you're late. 
You don't want to, but you do—do it now. 

And, seriously! It only took you 2 seconds to do it.
Now you won't be annoyed by that pile of bags when you get home and just want to run straight to the shower because your friend made you complete the whole hour at the gym.

My point is, "DO IT NOW!" 


  1. Oh my goodness! It was sheer chance that I clicked your profile this morning to see if you had resurfaced. I've missed your delightfully creative and colorful posts. Hope you are well and that you'll add posting back into your life. Working on a book........? How wonderful! I'd love to learn more about that. Welcome back :)

    1. Lol, Yes I am living and well. Sorry for the very long delay between posts. I've missed the blogging. I think of you every time I see any interestingly-cool object in nature that makes me say, "someone (Linda Nelson) needs to create something out of that".
      As for the book, you can find it on the Amazon link below. Have a few more books in me, including a series of creative children books. But, I definitely will be blogging more.