Always Inspired by art, interior design, and basically anything else that's chic, cool, or just really groovy. I'm constantly finding myself designing, photographing, or creating something. 
   I decided it was time to share…okay, more like…to have an excuse (outlet) to keep my creative dreams alive. 
        I have experience as an artist, interior designer, home furnishings designer, and years of retail store management. I've helped design and start up a home furnishings store and even a fancy Welsh tea room…that's a long and funny story that I'll share sometime in a future post.

 In January 2014, I began blogging about my many creative adventures. So these days, when my husband says, "What are you working on now?" I can happily say, "It's for the blog."  
           Whether it be scoping out some inspiring, or even a bit weird, art.

Oohing and ahhing over some great stuff in a cool shop.

Designing and/or re-designing my home. 

or…  just making something fun and hopefully fabulous.

Like my large sized skyscraper art project, my inspiring gold thumbtacked deer heads, my chair re-do, groovy colorful art, or yet another pillow…I happen to have a thing for great decorative pillows.

I'm a bit of a story teller, and like to find the funny in most situations.
So, I hope you enjoy viewing, AND READING! my blog. I am the designer, editor, and photographer. On some days, if I'm really lucky, my 9 year old son takes time to proof-read and point out any spelling and punctuation issues.

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